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Painting Commissions in Foster City, CA

Commission in process - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
The finished painting - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
Luz Homescapes

Luz loves homes, gardens and beautiful views. Our area of California is replete with such lovely scenes and homeowners are understandably immensely proud of their exquisite settings. As a result, Luz is constantly receiving requests from collectors to paint portraits of their homes and gardens. It's such a great idea! These paintings become prized family heirlooms over the years.

The paintings can be planned in many ways. One commission (shown above) actually was to capture the view from the homeowner's family room looking out at the view that she delights-in daily...a view looking across the waterway outside her home. \

Others want a painting of their home from the front or back depending upon the view they most enjoy. For waterfront homes, the vantage point is often from a boat offshore or from the opposite side of the waterway.

Another approach, is to have a painting commissioned of your second home to hang in your first home or vice versa.

For non-waterfront homes, the most beautiful vantage point is chosen and features of the landscape as well as the home. Perhaps the tree that you planted when a child was born; a rose bush lovingly nurtured by your Mom. Still others have a coveted picture of their childhood home and want it memorialized in an original painting to hang in their home. In every case, Luz will work closely with you to assure that your painting is as you wish. In some cases, collectors simply wish to have paintings of their beautiful gardens. Further below you will see recent examples
of completed "Homescapes by Luz" as well as other subjects.

Of course, Luz is happy to take commissions of all types for paintings related to memorable places dear to collectors for whatever reason.

If you wish to discuss your commission idea with Luz please call or email. She will be delighted to set a time to visit with you to discuss the details in full. Typically she has projects already in-the-works so please be patient to receive your final painting. It could take a number of weeks, but it will be well worth the wait.

Call or email to get started!


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Whalers Cove - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
Plum Island Waterfront - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
Vacationscapes: Relive the memories!

Luz Vacationscapes!

The great moments of a lifetime....captured forever in an oil painting!

We've all been there....looking through our albums trying to recapture the thousand smiles, aromas and memories from that incredible vacation, summer, honeymoon, Tahoe in the snow, Rio at Carnaval, Times Square on New Year's Eve...so, so many special moments. Yet, somehow the photos, while wonderful to have as glimpses into the time they have recorded somehow miss the power and importance of the experience. This is why Luz is always compelled to translate the overall experiences into paintings that capture the emotional power, beauty and scope of those memories and bring them to life on a more epic, organic, larger than life scale. It's something like experiencing a major movie on the big screen rather than the TV screen......it's incomparable.

Look through your pictures....share them with Luz. Together, you will be able to decide upon that perfect painting that brings it all to life for you once again. A painting which will, at the end of the day, take you back to a time of some of your greatest joy and happiness. This is one of Luz' great pleasures in making use of her talents in helping others to relive their dreams. The painting that is born out of this "perfect storm" will bring great pleasure to all in your home and family for a lifetime and leave an heirloom that will be treasured by your loved ones thereafter.
The Resort at Santorini (Greece)

A magical get-away that has been linked to the lost continent of Atlantis. The painting was commissioned by a couple who vacationed there early in their relationship and have since married. Their memories have been captured forever by Luz in this extraordinary oil painting.
The Resort at Santorini - sculpture in Foster City, CA
Tuscany Portal:

Oil on Canvas; 30" x 40"

Luz worked closely with the collector to arrive at this beautiful scene revealed through the portal of a Tuscan villa. The painting began "in the collector's imagination and her memories of the beautiful Tuscany countryside."
Tuscany Portal - sculpture in Foster City, CA
Your painting cZSan also be made into limited edition prints on canvas!

Another great idea to consider! Once your painting is completed, Luz can provide you with a limited number of full-color, high quality, signed and numbered prints on canvas of your painting to share with your loved ones and friends. Perhaps you'd like to send one to your parents or to offspring or close friends so that they can always have you in their hearts. These "limited edition" prints on canvas faithfully capture the beauty of the painting at a reasonable cost. They look just like the original painting! This is a great way to share your painting and home with others. You decide how many prints are to be made. Ask Luz about what's entailed when you talk to her about your painting.
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Plum Island Lagoon - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
Brownstones - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA
New York Brownstones - fine art gallery in Foster City, CA