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Other Major Artists

For many years, Luz has represented the artwork of many established, well known artists. Below you will see a listing of artists and artworks generally available. Please do not hesitate to call or email for specific artwork by any of these artists whether or not you see it displayed. It is highly likely that Luz can source the piece for you through her extensive network of sources developed over the past twenty-five years. All artwork purchased through Luz Fine Art is certified to be authentic.

All artwork is in Luz' inventory and available for immediate delivery.

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Howard Behrens
Plein Air artist: Landscape and Seaside imagery

Jim Buckels
Visionary vistas and fantastic architectural details

John Cosby
Plein Air artist: Very rare prints

Kerry Hallam
Beautiful marine painting on navigational charts

Robert Hoppe

Art Deco set design and illustration

Gary Hostallero
Oriental artwork of extraordinary skill
Patrick Nagel
Famous minimalist painter of the female form

Oriental Artwork
A collection of oriental subject artwork

Hisashi Otsuka
Masterful Japanese artwork

Tetsuro Sawada

Mesmerizing minimalist skyscapes

Itzchak Tarkay

Israeli artist of great fame. Original painting on canvas.

Roberto Tortoli

Breathtaking Italian art deco style paintings

Bermuda - paintings in Foster City, CA

Howard Behrens

Bermuda by Plein Air artist Howard Behrens has long been sold out. This beauty is a limited edition serigraph measuring 36" x 45" and is hand signed by the artist. This is edition # XLVI/C (46/100). Price is $1,500 unframed; $1,950 framed to archival standards. Framing will be quoted based upon collector's specifications.

Regular price: $1,500 unframed
Sale price: $1,000 unframed


New Order - paintings in Foster City, CA

Jim Buckels

Jim Buckels studied at the University of North Iowa where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Art and began his career as a freelance illustrator. His work appeared in the literary journals North American Review and Business Week as well as Playboy and Better Homes and Gardens. By the 1980’s he tired of the commercial illustrating business and turned his attention toward exhibiting and art publications to showcase his work. Buckels is best known for his visionary vistas and fantastic architectural details which offer the viewer respite from reality.

"New Order": Limited edition serigraph. Dimensions 35" x 36". Edition # 166/300. This is a long-sold out limited edition. Framing will be quoted based upon collector's specifications.

$2,500 unframed

Island Harbor - paintings in Foster City, CA

John Cosby

Island Harbor: This lovely image captures the tranquility as well as the fun-of-life in a resort cove. Anyone who has experienced a day on a yacht or even fantisized about it from the shore is sure to be drawn to this scene. Hand-pulled limited edition serigraph on 100% rag paper. Edition # 82/350; dimensions: 35" x 42". Signed by the artist. Framing will be quoted based upon collector's specifications.

Regular price: $1,850 unframed
Sale price: $1,000 unframed


Kerry Hallam

Kerry Hallam's paintings have won many prestigious awards. The artist's panoramas draw accolades and, recently, a first place award by the prestigious Association Pour la Promotion Artistique Francaise. Recognized as an important contemporary artist, he was featured in the October 400 issue of Forbes magazine in 1999. Included in private collections around the world, Hallam has been honored with comprehensive one-man shows in Europe, the United States, and the Far East.

(Preceding borrowed from the web site of the artist)
Hallam was born and raised in Northern England and makes his summer home in Nantucket; an area from which he gathers much of his inspiration for his painting.
 Cannes to Piombino - paintings in Foster City, CA
Cannes to Piombino

This brilliant original work of art has to be seen to be fully appreciated. It measures 33" x 48"! And, it is a beautifully painted upon an actual navigational chart which plots the course between Cannes, in the south of France, and Piombino (Tuscany, Italy). It is signed by Kerry Hallam and can be acquired either framed or unframed. Framing cost will be quoted once your specifications are discussed.


Nocturne - paintings in Foster City, CA

Robert Hoppe


A limited edition screenprint by the artist. The piece available is a rare Artist Proof, signed by the artist.

Dimensions 35.5" x 25.5"

Price: $1,750 unframed

The artwork has never been framed and is in excellent condition.

White Horse Shogun - paintings in Foster City, CA

Hostallero: Shogun Horses Suite

Gary Hostallero: We have a complete matched number set of these spectacular images. Three mixed media limited editions that are among the most sought-after of the master's work! Edition #'s 228/300. Dimensions are 26 x 36 inches for each of the three pieces.

White Horse $3,000 SOLD !


Patrick Nagel

was an American artist known for his focus on women and the female form, in the art deco style.

Nagel was born in Dayton, Ohio. However, he was raised and spent most of his life in the Los Angeles area. He attended the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles.

In his lifetime he created hundreds of illustrations on board, paper, and canvas, most of which emphasizes the simple grace of and beauty of the female form.

Nagel's work is superficially reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints, with their unusual cropping and large fields of color, but thematically, Nagels share more in common with 1920's Art Deco and the design aesthetics of Leyendecker and Parrish.

Nagel would start with a photograph and work down, always simplifying and removing elements which he felt were unnecessary. The resulting image would look flat, but emphasized those elements which he felt were most important.

Nagel's figures generally have black hair, bright white skin, full-lipped mouths, and the distinctive Nagel eyes, which are often squared off in the later works. Because of the intense stylization and reduction of facial features into clean lines, generally the figures resemble each other, though Nagel worked with many models.

While Nagel's work is mostly represented by aloof, if also seductive women, they are rarely, if ever, presented in a submissive relationship with men. These are highly sexual, but empowered and intelligent, women. Nagel also painted men, though only one was ever released as a fine art print while Nagel was alive. He had and continues to have a devoted following of collectors.

Through work connected with "Playboy" and the pop group "Duran Duran," for which he designed the cover of the best selling album "Rio," as well as many commercial projects, including work for Intel, Lucky Strike cigarettes, and Budweiser, Nagel and his work garnered international acclaim.

Patrick Nagel died in 1984 at the age of 38.

The above information is largely sourced from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia: Patrick Nagel

Hanayome - paintings in Foster City, CA

Haruyo and Yuriko

Haruyo and Yuriko are sisters. They are from Japan and paint beautiful Oriental subjects. Their limited edition prints have been published and distributed throughout the world. Several lovely pieces are displayed below.

Hanayome, a limited edition lithograph by Haruyo. Edition # 14/200. Dimensions 31" x 42". Signed in Japanese by the artist. Framing quoted based upon collector's specifications.

$1,500 unframed


Hisashi Otsuka

Luz represented Otsuka for nearly ten years at the Peninsula Art Exchange, her previous gallery at Fashion Island Shopping Center in the 1980's/1990's. She held several one-man shows with him in attendance during that time. She still has a number of his pieces in her inventory, but if you don't see the one you want just give her a call and she'll get it for you. Several examples of pieces she currently has available are shown below following the biography.

Otsuka (pronounced with the accent on the "0") was born thirty-six years ago, in Tokyo, into an exceptionally creative family. His natural artistic talents were encouraged and eventually developed formally in apprenticeship to one of Japan's foremost designers of kimonos, Taeko Jo. When Otsuka first came to Jo, he did little more than clean brushes and cook for the staff. The Bushido code, which specifies training in all the arts and sciences, even for the Samurai, determines that the technique of the art form is taught only after the student has learned service, duty and discipline. It was three years before Otsuka could cut a piece of cloth or paint a single stroke, but he learned patience and dedication essential to his art. Otsuka remained with Jo for eight years. When he left, the master paid his pupil the supreme compliment: Jo bought one of Otsuka's works.

In addition to rigorous self-discipline and dedication, Bushido training also encourages fierce independence and aesthetic sensitivity. For Otsuka these last two requirements clashed with the most basic tenants of Japanese aesthetics, that contemporary arts seek the perfection of traditional forms, that they retrace the inspirations of the old masters and not embellish classical accomplishments. Enormous social and spiritual pressures compel today's Japanese artist to conform to the designs, styles and colors of the past. Otsuka found this pressure stifling. His own aesthetic, more inventive, sought to design new compositions, in larger works, with brighter colors. Inevitably his work communicated the vitality, the dynamic excitement, of his own soul.

Otsuka brought to the West all the gifts Japan and its culture can bestow on an artist, in return, the West gave him the opportunity to express himself freely and rewarded his expression by its "grateful acceptance" of his work, as witnessed by the large and growing number of his collectors. The Western world has good reason to be grateful. Except to those few who have a special affinity for Japanese cultural values, or who have trained themselves to appreciate them, the understated colors and static forms of Japanese art have always seemed remote and unexciting to western collectors. The West has traditionally required, for excellence in art of whatever form, some element of uniqueness, of individuality and originality. The art which excites us most is art that unsettles us, that, by a new approach, a different perspective, an unusual arrangement of forms or ideas or symbols, a bold expressive use of color, startles us into some new perception or insight. Otsuka does this. Most westerners know the traditional designs, colors, styles, and forms of classic ukiyo-e. Few are moved by them. In Otsuka we find them in large compositions with unusual kimono designs, flowing hair, bright colors, movement and grace. These appeal to us. And as we enjoy Otsuka's individual and unique paintings for themselves, they move us gradually and inevitably to a greater appreciation and understanding of the older forms and cultural values of Japan


Tetsuro Sawada (1935 – 1999)

Tetsuro Sawada: Born in Hokkaido, Sawada graduated from Musashimo Art University where he majored in Western painting. In 1960 he began painting abstract oils and in 1973 began producing lithographs and then silkscreen prints. In 1966-67 he traveled in North and South America and in 1969 studied and France and Spain. In 1980 he won a prize at the Norway International Print Biennial. His works were included in exhibitions in Tokyo, Seattle and San Francisco

Often referred to as "the skyscape artist", Sawada has achieved the technique of "bokashi" (shading) which is most difficult in the the silkscreen medium. Sawada inked and self-printed all of his own prints and accomplished a striking juxtaposition of matte and shiny colors; a clean, stylistic precision - stark, yet beautiful.

His works are in numerous collections, including the British Museum, Cleveland Museum, Cincinnati Art Museum and the Honolulu Academy of Art.

Breeze - paintings in Foster City, CA

Itzchak Tarkay

This important oil painting on canvas by the highly lauded artist, Itzchak Tarkay, has to be seen to be fully appreciated. This is an earlier work that is featured in a full-page presentation in the original Tarkay book. Dimensions 40" x 40" unframed. See below for contact information.

In 1951, Tarkay received a scholarship to the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, where he studied for a year before having to leave due to difficult financial circumstances at home. In order to continue his scholarship, he was allowed to study under the artist Schwartzman until his mobilization to the Israeli army. After returning to the familiar environment of Tel Aviv, Tarkay enrolled in the Avni Institute of Art, which he graduated in 1956. His teachers there were Mokady, Janko, Schtreichman and Sematsky. His paintings reside in important collections throughout the world.


Roberto Tortoli: Italian Deco Paintings

Roberto Tortoli's art deco style paintings capture the elegance of Italian aristocracy. Below you will see a wonderful array of original Acrylic paintings on watercolor paper. Each painting is signed by the artist and is available either framed or unframed. Each of the paintings were completed in 1989. You will find these an exquisite addition to your collection. If you choose, we can have them framed in luxurious deco style lacquer molding frames.

Call 650-281-5062 or 650-212-1100 or email luz@luzfineart.com to arrange to see these paintings in-peson or to discuss further!

Chinese Master: Chen Bu

Ethereal Princess - contemporary in Foster City, CA
The Siren - contemporary in Foster City, CA
Red Horse - contemporary in Foster City, CA
Chen Bu
".....a thousand steps"

A Chinese Master emerges in the West after a lifetime of excellence in the East

Born Zheng Tong Xiao, in 1930 on a small island in China, Chen Bu was the youngest of six children. Early in life he showed a great interest in drawings and crafts. At elementary school, under the tutelage of an old master, he developed a talent for traditional Chinese art: elaborate woodcarvings, delicate paintings of flowers, landscapes, beautiful women, and animals. When he was 13 Chen Bu's family moved to Shanghai; the cultural and economic center of China. Here he was first exposed to the culture and arts of the Western world.Eager to learn and fascinated by abstract drawings he spent the next few years at Shanghai Art Insitute and the Sanho Art Institute, studying Western art with Chinese masters trained in Europe. The basic training and strict regime at art school perfected Chen Bu's proficiency in all the basic principles of art: geometry, perspective, color and anatomy. At the same time he gained a unique sense of admiration for the great European painters, including Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Gauguin.

On graduation from art school, Chen Bu had already mastered ancient Chinese craft and art forms including woodcarving, color ceramics, woodblock design and printing, engraving, paper cutting and watercolor painting. These traditional disciplines came to form the foundation of Chen Bu's unique art form.

His great talent as artist and printmaker has been consistently honored and acknowledged by his country throughout his fifty + year career; his work...entered into many international exhibitions..has won accolades including two first place prizes in Chinese national exhibitions (in competition with other Masters of renown).

For thirty years, Chen Bu held the prestigious position of chief artist with the
Shangai Fashion Company, Chinas largest and most important fashion design center. Here he set the creative direction and standards in advertising, promotion, and fashion design, while gaining greater expertise in watercolor, gouache and acrylic painting, as well as decorative and model painting. In 1963 he was commissioned, with four other artists of national standing to create a decorative mural for the famous Shanghai Room of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, the foremost national convention center in all of China.

During his long and widely esteemed career hundreds of Chen Bu's works have been reproduced in newspapers, magazines and as posters throughout China and abroad. Several of his works have be acquired for the permanent collection of the National Museum of China..a rare acknowledgement for a living artist in China!

After a lifetime of developing and practicing the ancient Chinese arts and disciplines, Chen Bu came to the United States where he has had the lattitude to use those talents and disciplines nurtured and acquired in the Far East with the freedom of expression and unlimited visual and media resources of the Western World. But, it is the intricate and imaginative fusion of his Chinese art and Western influences that today make
Chen Bu's artworks original in every sense of the word.

Chen Bu is an artist who is endowed with an inestimable wealth of talent, and now residing in the US he is reborn to paint any subject, in any medium, in any interpretive form that he chooses.
Red Horse - paintings in Foster City, CA

Red Horse

Original mixed media: Ink, acrylic and watercolor on rice paper.

$6,750 Framed
Chen bu - seascapes in Foster City, CA